Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can BaggerSkins be Removed ?
A:  Yes, BaggerSkins can be removed at a later date to be replaced with new or different BaggerSkins.

Q:    Will they come off while riding   ?
A:     No, BaggerSkins will withstand speeds up to 120 MPH. (Please don't go 120 MPH)

Q:    Can I wash them ?
A:    Yes, you can wash and wax BaggerSkins just like paint.  (do not use abrasives)

Q:    What do I use to clean them ?
A:    Baggerskins can be cleaned with mild soap and water, you can also use Plexus or other Plastic windshield cleaners.

Q:    Are they hard to install ?
A:    BaggerSkins are pretty easy to install, just follow the instructions and take your time. You can install them wet or dry.

Q:    How do you install them wet ?
A:    BaggerSkins are easy to apply wet, simply use 1 part dish soap to 4 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray the surface before applying the Baggerskins, then squeegee out the water until it is dry and adheres to the surface. 

Q:    What happens if they start to wrinkle ?   
A:    Wrinkles happen during install, you just need to take your time. Lift the wrinkled area and gently pull the material as you squeegee at a 45 degree angle. Also remember to take a break, the Vinyl will relax after a bit and be easier to work with.

Q:    Can I reuse the BaggerSkins ?
A:    Once installed and the adhesive is set, it is not recommended to remove and reuse.

Q:    When I remove them, will it damage my paint ?
A:    BaggerSkins have a 5 year removal guarantee. They will easily remove from your Factory or Professionally applied paint and not leave excess adhesive behind. (Caution should be taken if paint is not professionally applied)

Q:    Can I design my Own ?
A:    Yes, for a small fee, our art department will help you design a custom graphic.

Q:    Can I put my company logo on them?
A:    Yes, BaggerSkins can be created with your high resolution logo.

Frequently Asked Questions about BaggerSkins

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